Bait Co. - Mullet Sr.

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Are you tired of spending hours trying to get the perfect action out of your bait? 

Do you want to catch more fish with less time? 

Look no further than Mulletman Baitco's Mullet Sr.!

This 5-inch paddle style tail bait has a one-of-a-kind tail connector and is designed specifically for saltwater species. 

It's available in five different colors and produces movement on the "fall" for the perfect action. 

Plus, it's made right here in the USA (Texas)!

  • The Mullet Sr. comes in five colors: 
  • Wilcox PB&J (best in murky /stained water)
  • Sea Grape (best in murky /stained water)
  • Dirty Dom (best in clearer water)
  • Fen Bone (best in clearer water)
  • Bay Pepper (best in clearer water)
  • Golden Retriever

Don't waste another minute trying to get your bait to do the perfect action. 

Get your hands on the Mullet Sr. today and start catching more fish in less time! Click the link below to get yours now!